All photographs and images on this website and on the Aberdale Images Photography Facebook page are protected by Australian and International copyright laws.
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All photographs and proofs are © Aberdale Images Photography and must remain on all proofs, enlargements, digital, emailed and printed.
No photographs or proofs are to be displayed on sites such as Facebook, social networking websites, personal or business websites, advertising, etc unless you have gained written permission from Aberdale Images Photography..
No photographs or proofs are to have alteration in any way what so ever.  No photographs are to be downloaded, copied, print-screen-copied, take a screen photo (with any device) of any photograph on this website or Aberdale Images Photography Facebook page.

All photographs must be credited "Aberdale Images Photography" in magazines, advertisements, websites, Facebook, etc.
Photographs purchased may be used for private advertising (eg. sale of the horse), websites, etc as long as a photo credit is given.
Failure to follow the above will result in you paying for each photograph stolen at double the rate and possible legal action.
If you have stolen any photographs or images in the past and/or steal any photographs or images from this website and Aberdale Images Photography Facebook page, you will no longer be photographed until all photographs that you have stolen have been purchased and paid for.

   Any illegal images found on Facebook or any other social networking site will be reported to that site. Be aware that it is possible that you may lose your pages on that site - they view pirating of images as theft.  If you have copied or downloaded images from this site and placed them on your social networking pages please remove them immediately.












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